Anonymous: How many followers do you have?

741 awesome followers!

Summer Vibes
Taken on a Nikon D7100
Anonymous: Which lens is your favorite to use?

35mm f/1.8 because its really fast and that works out to ~50mm on my D7100’s sensor so it’s a perfect length.

Anonymous: What kind of lenses do you use?

We have a lot of gear that we use interchangeably

Here’s a list:

Anonymous: In what ways do you edit your photos to get them to look the way they do? Some look like you've added filters or played around with the colors.

Most of the time I don’t do too much to them. Those last three that I posted were very obviously tampered with. They were HDR’d to somewhat of an extreme but I liked the way they looked in the end. Generally speaking though all I’ll adjust is the white balance, exposure, and sometimes contrast. 

Anonymous: What's a lensblr photo? How do I take one of those? Or edit one to look like a lensblr photo? Thank you :)

Well “lensblr” is a tumblr blog that displays photographers on tumblr, thats why I add the #lensblr. I think you mean an HDR shot. An HDR shot is basically a photo where the camera was able to see a really wide range of light, allowing it to capture the details in really bright parts of the scene as well as the darker parts. To do this properly, you need to take multiple photos without moving the camera. Each shot would expose differently to compromise for lighter and darker areas in the scene. Then you’d stack those photos in editing to put all the good parts from each separate photo into one final photo. I usually take three different exposures and use Google’s “HDR Efex Pro 2” to stack them. If you wanted to achieve a similar effect without actually doing the HDR process, in editing you would bring down the highlights, increase the shadows, and then play with clarity, contrast, and saturation. Hope this helps! You can send follow up messages if you have more questions or would like more clarification. 

Miacomet HDR (3/3)
Taken on a Nikon D7100
Miacomet HDR (2/3)
Taken on a Nikon D7100
Miacomet HDR (1/3)
Taken on a Nikon D7100
Taken on a Nikon D7100